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Ready to Elevate Your Home Design Skills to Celebrity Levels?

Master the Craft of Architectural Concrete Floating Stairs - No Prior Experience Needed!

Dive into the Ultimate Floating Stairs Blueprint! Unlock comprehensive lessons from the basics to the intricate design, market positioning, and transforming your living spaces or offering luxury solutions to clients!

Turn Heads with Stunning Floating Stairs in Any Space!


I'm Ollie Stephens.

Founder of Hungry Wolf Studio.

I’ve spent a most of my career fine tuning the ins and outs of architectural floating concrete stairs, and now I want to teach you. 💯

Whether you're a serious DIY-er, designer, architect, landscaper, or skilled tradesman…

If you don't know how to build polished concrete floating stairs you're missing out on something huge.

In this course I teach you how to do a job I would charge $18K for…

Think about it..,

In just a few weeks you could be offering your local clients and partners a NEW SERVICE that could change

your business like it has mine!

So if you’re wanting to up-level your skills but you don't know where to start or how to do it…

I've gotcha!


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  • D.I.Y-ERS












The Ultimate Guide Taking You From Design Novice To Floating Stairs Master

Think building architectural floating stairs is beyond you?

Think again!

My "Architectural Concrete Floating Stairs Blueprint" lays down the A to Z of crafting these modern marvels, even if you've never mixed concrete before.

Everything is mapped out, step-by-step, from the first concept to the final polish.

You'll uncover how to create incredible transformations, maximizing aesthetic appeal and ROI.

Dive deep into sourcing the best materials without breaking the bank, and master the art of blending function with unparalleled design.

Say goodbye to costly contractors and unclear advice, because after this, you'll be the expert others turn to. 💯

Simply Follow Our Blueprint To Architectural Mastery

Building those sleek floating stairs can be much simpler than it seems.

Many falter because they lack the right guidance. But here's the good news: I've done the heavy lifting for you. Dive into our step-by-step guide, and you'll be crafting those architectural wonders sooner than you imagined.

But it’s not just about speeding things up. With my approach, you won't just save time - you'll save cash and avoid typical pitfalls.

And the results?

More polished, more professional, and more impressive than anything you'd create by trial and error.

Ollie Stephens, Australia's

Concrete King

Imagine being able to have your very own floating concrete stairs...

I show you everything you need to execute flawless floating stairs.

You'll be able to get started right away and you'll have the confidence to create a masterpiece for yourself.

By the end of this course you'll know exactly how to properly and safely design, form and build your very own floating concrete stairs.

Saving yourself THOUSANDS!

Plus you'll learn so many of my professional industry secrets that will set you up for massive success and give you techniques you just won't learn anywhere else.

In this course I will explain exactly how to create my famous floating concrete look.

When it comes to building and setting up the structure and design of the architectural floating stairs the modules are jam packed full of methods and pro tips to save you time and money.

And you'll learn the skills so you can do them all over again.

Dive Deep into My Vault of Secrets and Supercharge Your Stair-Building Skills:

  • Secret #1 ($990 Value): Starting Strong – How I form up my stairs and frame them from the ground up. This isn't just about laying a foundation; it's about ensuring your work is structurally sound and aesthetically perfect from step one.

  • Secret #2 ($1,200 Value): Concrete Artistry – Discover the exact mix designs I swear by for my stairs. Plus, delve into the art of choosing and mixing concrete colors to get the precise hue and feel for every project.

  • Secret #3 ($850 Value): Mirror Finish Mastery – My special techniques for finishing the concrete, transforming its texture to mirror-like smoothness. A skill that elevates the feel and luxury of every stair you build.

  • Secret #4 ($950 Value): Edge Excellence – How do I get those impeccably clean, crisp lines and razor-sharp edges every time? This secret is a game-changer and will set your stairs apart from the rest.

  • Secret #5 ($1,100 Value): Pouring Perfection – Dive into the nuanced methods I use to pour the steps. This ensures durability, strength, and that coveted high-end finish that clients love.

  • Secret #6 ($900 Value): Shadow Line Secrets – The subtle art of creating an alluring shadow line on each step. This isn't just about aesthetics; it's about creating depth, drama, and an architectural statement.

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  • Bonus #2 ($450 Value): Receive your FREE Comprehensive 38-Page Digital Workbook. Packed with essential lists, precise measurements, Ollie’s trusted concrete mix combinations, project worksheets, and client quote forms.

  • Bonus #3 ($500 Value): Unlock Instant Access to Ongoing Updates and Fresh Video Tutorials. Step behind-the-scenes with Ollie, exploring current jobs, detailed video content, diverse construction sites, and unique execution techniques for designs and formwork.

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